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Use Personalized Offer SDK


Personalized offers requires TentuPlay SDK v2021.1 or higher.


When ShowOfferById or ShowLatestOfferis called TPPersonalizedOfferController will display each player (player_uuid) and their respective offer on Canvas.

Example Code

public void ShowPersonalizedOffer()
        TPPersonalizedOffer myTPOffer = new TPPersonalizedOffer();

            myTPOffer.ShowLatestOffer(tpPersonalizedOfferController, player_uuid, "en", (response) =>

[An image of the personalized offer message on screen]

  • Location: Assets/TentuPlay/TPPersonalizedOfferTemplates/TPPersonalizedOfferController.prefab

  • TPPersonalizedOfferController.cs script is a component

  • Placing a TPPersonalizedOfferController game object on the game's Canvas
  • used as the tpPersonalizedOfferControllerGameObject parameter value of ShowOfferById or ShowLatestOffer.
  • When ShowOfferById or ShowLatestOfferis called
    • Create a TentuPlayOffer_landscape or TentuPlayOffer_portrait as a child of TPPersonalizedOfferController (TPPersonalizedOfferController.ShowOffer)
    • Take the image URL entered into the console and through Offerimage's Texture/Raw Image (changes by version) change them dynamically

Offer UI

TentuPlayOffer_landscape, TentuPlayOffer_portrait components


(TentuPlayOffer_portrait is the same as TentuPlayOffer_landscape)


MessageController: Script for opening or closing messages
TentuPlayOffer: TENTUPLAY script for personalized offers

Message Image: OfferImage

Match the size of the image entered into the console to the OfferImage size. The default size ofTentuPlayOffer_landscape and TentuPlayOffer_portrait are each 640x400, 400x640


Call TentuPlayOffer.GoToOfferEvent with On Click()
*The UNITY 2017 SDK has a seperate OfferButton

Close Button


Call TentuPlayOffer.CloseOfferEvent with On Click()

Toggle Do Not Show Again Button


Call TentuPlayOffer.CheckDoNotShowToday with On Value Changed.
When changed to a button change so that MarkDoNotShowToday is used.

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