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Get Your Player
a Personal AI Assistant

TENTUPLAY delves into your players' motivations and presents them with the strategies and items they need.


Variety of Player Personas

Each gamer has different goals and motivations. Some like to make underdog characters successful while others simply want to win every stage. TENTUPLAY starts from identifying such diverse personas of game players. Learn what personas your players show and create the content each player will love.

  • 28 Persona models for 28 playing styles
  • Different sets of models for different genres, including RPG, FPS, RTS, etc.
  • Analysis report on the characteristics of each Persona.

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In-Game Message Template

It is important for in-game messages to convey information that players really need rather than send messages that merely end up disturbing the game play. TENTUPLAY brings excitement to players and helps them become more tactical by recommending strategies and items along with objective scores of achievement. TENTUPLAY also provides message templates that can be easily customized to fit your game's UI.

  • Each persona's rankings, scores, and other indexes
  • Persona-tailored strategies and content
  • Suggestion of items each player needs

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SDK Overview

To integrate TENTUPLAY into your game, you need two SDKs: one to collect data and the other to send in-game guidance. If you wish to use the service without installing the SDK for data collection, please contact our customer service center

  • SDK for data collection
  • SDK for in-game messages

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