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TENTUPLAY is a CRM tool that allows you to send personalized messages to your players.

TENTUPLAY sends game strategies and item offers based on each gamer's playing style. Personalized messages have to go through three steps to reach players.

Data Collection and Integration

It is necessary to collect players' log data to get TENTUPLAY working. Gather your player's logs with TENTUPLAY SDK, or contact our customer service if you wish to integrate your own database to TENTUPLAY without the SDK. The Player Personas page shows what data needs to be collected to analyze each persona.

Data Analysis and Personalized Recommendations

TENTUPLAY identifies different Personas based on your players’ gaming styles from collected log data and sends different in-game messages to different personas, which is what makes TENTUPLAY different from other solutions. You can manage players more effectively if you understand their playing style. You can find more detailed explanations on each persona on the Player Personas page.

Transmission of In-Game Messages

With the Mentor SDK, you can send in-game messages with personalized game strategies and item offers. The SDK provides various message templates that you can customize to fit your game's UI. The Player Personas page shows what information each persona collects from TENTUPLAY messages.