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AI In-Game Shop

The AI analyzes players’ behaviors and segments them into 28 psychographic personas from Smart and Busy players to Character Collectors to PvP Lovers and many more. It also creates and sends offers in the context tailored to each Persona to maximize the conversion rate and revenue.

  • 28 Psychographic Personas based on In-game Behaviors

    The AI identifies up to 28 psychographic personas of you players based on their in-game behaviors. No risk of personal data and privacy infringement.

  • Product and Ad Offers for Each Persona

    The AI suggests the product each persona is most likely to purchase and the stage each persona is most eager to make purchases at.

  • Automatic Creation and Transmission

    The AI automatically composes and sends offers for each player. All you have to do is customize the messages to fit you game UI.

“ We have sent idle gamers personalized game guides based on their playing styles and their retention skyrocketed; it increased by 88%. ”

TENTUPLAY provided busy players with strategies to level up faster, and idle players with strategies to idle more “efficiently”. The players who received the game guides showed 88% higher retention than the unreceived.

Junyoung Hong CEO / G.AIM STUDIO

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