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Many different genres and sizes of games have chosen TENTUPLAY and seen improvements in their KPIs thanks to the service. Look what they have achieved and how they did it.

Rise: Grinding RPG

Big Stack

It is a mobile idle MORPG developed by Big Stack in S.Korea. After being released in September 2021, RISE has reached more than 100,000 downloads and maximized the ratio of paying users with TENTUPLAY AI In-game Shop.

  • 19.1% The ratio of paying users among newly registered users
  • 28.2% The conversion rate of newly registered users
  • 34.5% The ratio of paying users among DAU

Hero Factory


A defense RPG developed by Playhard. It was released in 2020 and has reached more than 3 million downloads globally.

Final B Cut

Lumiere Entertainment

Final B Cut is an interactive dating story game developed by Studio Lumiere. The game was for 2020 Indie Game Fast-track by Seoul Business Agency, and ranked TOP6 at Gyeonggi Game Audition operated by Gyeonggi Content Agency.

Bride of Twilight

Lumiere Entertainment

Bride of Twilight maximized its revenue by integrating an AI in-game shop. Products recommended to each player must accommodate the user’s preference for the character.

Hexagon Dungeon

Bleor Games

An Android puzzle RPG developed by Bleor Games. It has been selected TOP 10 at the 2019 Google Play Indie Game Festival in South Korea.

Raising Ants

G.AIM Studio

It is an idle defense RPG developed by G.AIM Studio. After its release in 2018, the game has got 140,000 downloads.

  • 88.5% D4 Retention
  • 79.5% D7 Retention
  • 36.1% Retention Days

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