Final B Cut - Studio Lumiere

For us, who lacked the know-how to analyze data, this service was a lifesaver. The detailed guidelines allowed us to easily use the console, and their detailed reports were extremely helpful. TENTUPLAY offers an essential service which assists in the growth of start-ups.

Yuri Kim / CEO

Final B Cut

Final B Cut is an interactive dating story game developed by Studio Lumiere. The game was for 2020 Indie Game Fast-track by Seoul Business Agency, and ranked TOP6 at Gyeonggi Game Audition operated by Gyeonggi Content Agency.

Studio Lumiere

Studio Lumiere is an interactive story game studio in South Korea. It has released ”XXX Sanctuary,” ''Final B Cut,” and others.


  • To analyze paid users to enhance microtransactions for story proceedings and character-related items.


  • Identify purchase timing for each user persona
  • User segmentation by purchase pattern and product recommendation that fits the purchase pattern
  • Recommend popular items for each character (story route)


  • Identify the cause of churn based on the different purchase points for each user persona
  • Identify user purchase patterns and recommend products that fit the purchase pattern
    • Users with purchase histories are likely to have a higher conversion rate. Products that match each user's purchase pattern are recommended.
    • Classify products frequently bought by small-handed users with a small purchase amount and products mainly bought by large-handed users with a large purchase amount

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