Hero Factory - Playhard

TENTUPLAY enabled us to understand players’ different needs through data analysis. It categorized players by playing styles and gave us valid ideas to improve our game.

Jung-Hyeok Shin / CEO

Hero Factory

A defense RPG developed by Playhard. It was released in 2020 and has reached more than 3 million downloads globally.


It is a startup from South Korea that creates games for Android and iOS. It has released ”Hero Factory,”`''Redbros,” “Factory Inc.,” and others.


  • To analyze players’ behaviors in depth and understand what causes player churn


  • TENTUPLAY Analytics


  • Learned each Persona’s signs of churn

ex. “Smart and Busy” : Sudden exhaustion of currency is their sign of churn.

  • Learned churn prevention strategies for each Persona

ex. “Gold Saver”: Encourage spending Golds from the initial phase of the game.

  • Gained analysis results on each Persona’s IAP and ad watching behaviors

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