Hexagon Dungeon - Bleor Games

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Chul-Hoe Koo / CEO

Hexagon Dungeon

An Android puzzle RPG developed by Bleor Games. It has been selected TOP 10 at the 2019 Google Play Indie Game Festival in South Korea.

Bleor Games

An indie game studio with one developer. The studio makes games with retro vibes.


  • To understand what causes player churn and acquire ways to prevent it


  • TENTUPLAY Analytics


  • Learned each Persona’s causes of churn and churn prevention strategies

ex. “Perfectionist” players: Their extreme habit of saving Golds makes their gameplay difficult. It leads to them leaving the game on D4 after exhausting all of their Golds. A guide suggesting how and where to spend Golds may keep them playing the game longer.

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