RISE maximizes the number of paying users with AI In-game Shop from TentuPlay.


It is a mobile idle MORPG developed by Big Stack in S.Korea. After being released in September 2021, RISE has reached more than 100,000 downloads and maximized the ratio of paying users with TENTUPLAY AI In-game Shop.

Big Stack

It is a South Korean solo indie developer. It has developed ‘RISE: Grinding RPG’ and ‘Virus: Raising Soldiers.’


RISE is a mobile idle MORPG developed by Big Stack and has reached more than 100,000 downloads after releasing in September 2021. Developed and published by a one-person indie studio in South Korea, this game was facing difficulties in developing and operating games in parallel. As there were many early churns, the studio wanted to analyze the cause of churns by analyzing in-game data. Therefore, he needed an easy and automated tool for integration and analysis.



After switching to TENTUPLAY, RISE's work burden of data analysis and SDK integration is dramatically reduced with the easy and standardized logging system of TENTUPLAY's SDK. RISE also showed different types of AI In-game shops to each user that fit the individual's persona, which was recognized by TENTUPLAY's Behavioral Economics AI Engine (BE Engine). By writing a sophisticated and friendly message to each persona, the game users were able to get item recommendations and personalized messages. For example, 'No Purchase User' could enjoy the game more with successful first-time purchases recommended by TENTUPLAY, and 'Possible Whale User' could grow rapidly with additional purchases recommended by TENTUPLAY. All recommended items are provided with reasons and context tailored to each persona, and this leads to an increase in retention.



RISE's use of TENTUPLAY to provide a personalized in-game shop for each player drove an increase in the ratio of paying users 19.1% among newly registered users 34.5% among daily active users, and there were not any updates of RISE. The conversion rate of newly registered users also increased by 28.2%.

'No Purchase User' enjoyed the game more with first-time purchases recommended by TENTUPLAY, and 'Possible Whale User' showed interest in the AI In-game shop and made additional purchases. Since TENTUPLAY's analysis report shows the reason for early churns, RISE could deeply understand their players. While TENTUPLAY's AI In-game shop provides default messages for each persona, RISE could nurture the relationship with players by customizing the message sent for each persona with the insight received from the analysis report.

Send personalized offer messages automatically!

TentuPlay's behavioral economic AI selected personas matching the play styles of the Rise users
and then automatically sent each persona an appropriately personalized message.
We reduced the early churn rate by providing product recommendations with specific explanations.
I was surprised at how powerful TENTUPLAY is. TENTUPLAY is a must-have tool if your game's business model is based on in-app purchases, as TENTUPLAY AI In-game Shop segments players and sends the right messages automatically. Also, there are documentation and tutorial projects that make even beginners easily follow.

Jiho Choi / CEO

TentuPlay grows
with a partner

Hero Factory

"データを通じてユーザーの好みやニーズを把握することができました。 TENTUPLAYを導入したゲームプレイとデータ分析を持っていくつかのペルソナを区別し、 それを基にアップデートの方向性を決めることができました。 "
シン・チュンヒョク / 代表取締役

Final B Cut

"まだデータを扱うノウハウがない私たちにとって、まさに必要なサービスでした。 綿密なガイドラインで簡単にコンソールを使えたし、 丁寧な分析レポートには感動しました。 スタートアップの更なる成長をサポートする必要不可欠なサービスだと思います。"
キム・ユリ / 代表取締役