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The goal is to identify players who are overwhelmed by the pressure to make the best choice of spending in-game money or items and encourage them to make choices to continue playing the game.

Description Players who feel pressure on making the best choice of spending in-game money, items, runes, etc.
User Expectation Making the best choice with limited resource
Genres All

Required APIs

Join PlayerLogin PlayerStage CharacterStage PlayerGetCurrency CharacterGetCurrency PlayerUseCurrency CharacterUseCurrency PlayerGetItem CharacterGetItem PlayerUseItem CharacterUseItem

Analysis Results

  • Persona: Players who feel pressure on making the best choice
    • The list of the Perfectionist players TENTUPLAY has identified, who are trying to make the best choice with the limited resource but fall into the perfectionism-procrastination loop.
  • Information on the user's playing type
    • TENTUPLAY shows the player's playing habit; how many coins or items the player is saving, how fast the player is growing etc.
  • Guides on how to make progress
    • TENTUPLAY provides detailed guides on how to spend in-game currency to minimize the Persona's frustration and encourages them to make choices and move forward. If an in-app product is suggested together given such context, you can increase their conversion rate and IAP revenue.