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Create Personalized Offers

Provide the right offer to the right player at the right time

After installing the SDK, control when to deliver, what deals to deliver, and to whom to deliver with the TENTUPLAY console. Get the results of each offer's performance and manage them.


Set your offer's styles, including layout format (horizontal, vertical), messages and images, and links. The link can be either a web link or a deep link.

※ Note

  • The language codes you set on the console and those on the script should be equal to use personalized offers.

    • For example, if you add language codes "ko" "en" to your offers through the console,
    • you need to set your script to ShowOffer(language="ko") ShowOffer(language="en") so that personalized offers will be shown.
  • Likewise, when you call language codes that you haven't set at the console, there will be an error.

    • For example, if you create an offer called offer1 with language two codes - "en," "ko" - and another offer called offer2 with one language code ("ko"), then call personalized offer through script with SelectOfferInfo(language="en") or ShowOffer(language="en"), an error will occur since there is no language code "en" for offer2.

Product Information

Insert the product information you want to offer through the personalized offer. You can enter the product name, ID, price, and discounted price.

However, the information you enter through the console is for reference only, and the price or product you are offering does not change according to the entered value. (The connecting link in context decides the actual product and its price)

Target User

Chose the user segment you wish to target. You can personalize offers based of personal segmentation or purchase patterns. You may also target individual users by entering their User ID.

Delivery Point

Set the conditions for when and to whom you are promoting the product. For example, you can specify a specific time, such as "when a player who reaches level 3 is playing STAGE1_3 with an equipment called BattleAxe."


1. Set validity period

You can set the period of validity of the personalized offers delivered to players.

  • Validity Period After Delivery

    • When a player meets the targeting conditions, the personalized offers will be delivered at 9 am the next day. You can set the valid period of the personalized offers starting from the time the offer is delivered.
    • For example, if you set the validity period to 48 hours and the personalization offer is sent at 9 am on January 1, the player can see the personalization store until 8:59 am on January 3.
  • Validity Period After View

    • You can set the valid period of a personalized offer from the time the player checks it.
    • For example, if you set the validity period to 48 hours and the personalized offer is sent at 9 am on January 1, but the player checked the offer at 3 pm on January 1, the offer is valid until 2:59 pm on January 3.

2. Scheduling

  • Set the personalized offer's duration - start and end date. The personalized offer is sent only once to the gamers who play during the period. The target condition works as a trigger.
  • For example, if the promotion period is set from 00:00:00 on January 1 to 00:00:00 on January 12 and a player meets the target conditions on January 3, the personalized offers will be delivered.
    • However, even if the player met the target conditions once again on January 4, the same offer will not be delivered.
    • The personalized offer will not be sent if the target conditions are met at 1 am on January 12.

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