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Overall Analysis

Understand your game through data analysis.

You can collect and analyze the most essential game data with only four methods. Improve your game operations using the insights from Active Users, New Users, D1 Retention, IAP Revenue, and Ad Views.

KPI Description Required Methods
Active Users The number of users playing your game LoginApp
New Users The number of users who newly joined your game Join
D1 Retention The percentage of users who stayed until one day after the logged in date among the active users Join LoginApp
IAP Revenue The amount of revenue generated from in-game purchases InAppPurchase
Ad Views The number of in-game ad views WatchAd

Gain insights to improve your game operations.

How many players are in your game?

  • Identify the number of genuine users and how many of them are new users.
  • Evaluate your marketing performances by assessing the KPIs around marketing events.
  • Required Methods : Join LoginApp

How many players are revisiting the next day?

  • Check the revisit rate to understand how your players are reacting to in-game events and updates.
  • Required Methods : Join LoginApp

How much IAP revenue is your game making?

  • IAP revenue is one of the most important monetization factors.
  • Find the most profitable patterns of IAP and apply them to your future events to induce higher sales.
  • Required Methods : InAppPurchase

How many ad views is your game making?

  • It is the most popular monetization strategy to associate rewarding ads with stage rewards.
  • Learn how many ad views are occuring in your game.
  • Required Methods : WatchAd