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  1. Collect game log using TENTUPLAY SDK

    1. Upon game events, call adequate methods of TPStashEvent class.
    2. The game event logs are collected in the client devices' database.
    3. Collected logs are uploaded to the server in every Upload Data Interval (sec) or when UploadData is called.
  2. Data analysis using TENTUPLAY's behaviour analysis AI technology.

    1. Data data uploaded onto the server is analyzed.
    2. In-game guides are created for each player.
    3. These in-game guides include personalized messages and item or purchase recommendations.
  3. Send in-game guide.

    1. Send personalized guides using TPMentor class.
    2. Templates for advice scripts and prefabs are provided in TPAdviceTemplates and can be easily customized to fit your game UI.

Download the TENTUPLAY Unity SDK

Download the TentuPlay Unity SDK Package. (Connecting to the latest version)

Unity should be 2017 or later and .NET should be 3.5 equivalent or later.

Import the TENTUPLAY Unity SDK

In Unity Editor, click Menu > Assets > Import Package > Custom Package and select the downloaded SDK.

You can learn how to use TENTUPLAY SDK through the demo game.

The core of TENTUPLAY. Dll files, scripts and prefabs are included.

3rd party plugins to run TENTUPLAY.

The template scripts and prefabs provided for the TENTUPLAY advice UI.

By clicking Import, TENTUPLAY package will be installed. After installation, TentuPlay menu will be creased in Unity Editor menu, and TentuPlay folder will be created in Assets folder.

Configure TentuPlay Settings

TENTUPLAY settings can be done in Unity Editor or a script.

How to Configure in Unity Editor:

To configure the SDK for use with your game, select TentuPlay - Edit Settings from the menu bar.

Api Key: The TentuPlay API Key for the authentication. You can create or get your project credential from TentuPlay Console - Project - Project Settings - General - Project Credentials.

Secret: The TentuPlay API Secret Key the authentication. You can create or get your project credential from TentuPlay Console - Project - Project Settings - General - Project Credentials.

TentuPlay Debug Mode: Select this option to debug TENTUPLAY. Turn this option off for the deploy build. It may be redundant.

Auto Upload: Select this option to automatically upload data from clients' devices to the server. Warning: Call TP functions only on main thread or Turn off autoUpload in settings and manually upload on mainthread.

Upload Interval (sec): The minimum interval for the upload. (Default value is set to 1200.)

How to Configure in the Script

Assign static fields of TentuPlaySettings class prior to the very first TentuPlay Class declaration, and you can configure TentuPlay Settings without TentuPlaySettings.asset.

using TentuPlay;
TentuPlaySettings.ApiKey = "MY_API_KEY";
TentuPlaySettings.Secret = "MY_SECRET_KEY";
TentuPlaySettings.DEBUG = true; // Default is false
TentuPlaySettings.AutoUpload = true; // Default is false
TentuPlaySettings.DeferredSendIntervalSec = 1200; // Default is 1200

// The first class or method called.