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Player Personas

Game players have different preferences and approaches to their gaming.

Gamers have different expectations and different playing styles, or we might say they have different "Player Personas.” Game studios can manage customer relationships more efficiently by understanding what each persona wants and giving them what they need.

Player Personas

A player's persona can change with time and by game genre. TENTUPLAY unfailingly captures a player's changing persona and sends them the right message at the right time. Below is the list of Player Personas TENTUPLAY can distinguish.

Persona Description Player Expectations Genres
Smart and Busy Players who level up very fast in a short time by balancing resources and spending them efficiently. The continued supply of resources for fast growth All
Non-Paying User with High Expectations Players who are unwilling to pay in the game but have high expectations regarding free in-game content Have fun enjoying as much content as possible without paying anything All
Character Collector Players who love to collect and enhance various characters Strategies and items that will help to collect more characters Collecting games
Cosmetic Lover Players to whom aesthetics is very important Game cosmetics to fancy up their avatar's attire, skin, etc. All
Regretful Off-Track Player Players who regret that they have not used important items in the most efficient way Chances to make up for the wrong choices All
PvP from the Beginning Players who go for PvP right from the start but keep losing Ranking higher in PvP RPG, strategy, action
Character Walkthrough Follower Players who follow the best players' strategies to level up their character skills Walkthroughs to enhance their characters RPG
Underdog Lover Players who concentrate on inferior characters Tips to enhance inferior characters and a list of the strongest characters RPG
Player in Comfort Zone Players who remain in their comfort zone playing the same character or the same deck Better chances of winning RPG(with PvP content), auto battler
Whale Players who are very likely to make in-game purchases. Items to get them to endgame quickly All

Examples of In-game Message for Each Persona