AI In-Game Shop Learn who your players really are

The AI analyzes players’ behaviors and segments them into 28 psychographic personas from Smart and Busy players to Character Collectors to PvP Lovers and many more. It also creates and sends offers in the context tailored to each Persona to maximize the conversion rate and revenue.

  • Player segmentation into 28 psychographic personas
  • Product and ad offers for each persona
  • Automatic creation and transmission of offers
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Personalized Offers The Right Offer to the Right Player

Maximize your revenue by fulfilling your players’ diverse needs. Simply set the product to offer, the target player group, the transmission timing, and the UI on the console. No need for extra coding. TENTUPLAY will send the offers to the players right away once the settings done.

  • No need for extra coding
  • Simple and easy settings
  • Performance assessment of each campaign
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Analytics Discover the Triggers of Churn and Purchases

Improve your game by analyzing the actual behaviors of your players. Segment your players into 28 Personas based on their playing styles, and understand when, where, and why each Persona leaves your game, make purchases, and watch ads.

  • Causes of churn, purchases and ad views
  • Stage/level analysis
  • No custom logging required
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AI Player Virtual players of various levels (Beta)

Employ AI players of various levels for PvP battles. You can provide PvP content even without enough players to match. TENTUPLAY AI players also help players improve their skills by suggesting strategies to them.

  • AI players for PvP battles
  • AI players providing strategies
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