Unleash the complete capabilities of your game

Maximize the potential of your game by utilizing data to uncover the users' potential and offering personalized experiences that empower them.

Gain unparalleled insights for your game with data
Effortlessly customize and visualize data to understand your players.
  • Easily tailor your metrics and see them in a visual format right away.
  • Gain a thorough comprehension of the in-game economy and enhance the game's business model.
  • Compare KPIs and custom metrics for user segments and identify the most impactful group.
Make use of data to provide personalized experiences
Empower your players with personalized experiences tailored to their unique gameplay patterns.
  • Segment users based on play patterns to analyze and improve their gaming experience.
  • Manage VIP users and first-time purchasers to boost revenue and deliver valuable experiences.
  • Use AI Persona to analyze gameplay patterns and create personalized content to increase engagement.
in-app messaging
Connect with customers, encourage user engagement
Encouraging users to stay for an additional day increases the user's lifetime value.
  • Intervene and resolve the issues promptly with in-app messages before users leave the game.
  • Enhance user engagement with customized messages through in-game pop-ups, mailboxes, and stores.
  • Analyze in-app messages and track KPIs to evaluate the success of your strategy.