Master your game: delight, profit, retain players

Empower your game with user-centric design to enhance player experience, drive revenue growth, and foster a loyal fan base.

In Game Development

Improve user experience

  • Tutorials are useful for explaining gameplay, but creating fully supported ones from scratch can be challenging. Optimize your tutorials by writing minimal in-app messages that can be served quickly.
  • Analyze how players interact with your game during user test stages, such as FGT or beta tests. Utilize an SDK to collect players’ behavioral data and monitor it through a dashboard. This will ensure the direction your game should take.
In Growth

Increase revenue and retention by offering what players need

  • Players often feel discouraged from experiences of continuous losses. Utilize custom segmentation to identify these players and send targeted in-app messages offering helpful tips or items to improve their chances of winning. Assess the effectiveness of this approach and potentially increase revenue.
  • VIPs are your game's core players, so you should take care of them. VIP dashboard enables you to monitor how VIPs behave and find out what they need the most. Keep them playing by offering their needs.
In Game Balancing

Make your game more playful through balancing

  • To balance gameplay for different player types, consider various factors. Segment players based on your criteria, monitor their win and loss rates, and adjust gameplay accordingly.
  • Keeping the value of currencies is very important in a market economy. The Currency Report shows how many currencies remain in the market and where currencies are most acquired and consumed. Find out where the problem occurs easily.