• What is TENTUPLAY?

    TENTUPLAY is a highly automated AI solution that provides analytics and CRM services for video games. Its revolutionary player segmentation and service personalization were proven to be effective in boosting KPIs in the cases of our customers and partners.

  • Who made TENTUPLAY?

    TENTUPLAY is a solution developed by Sentience Inc, a startup from Seoul, South Korea. Our team members are made up of experienced data analysts, statisticians, economists, and programmers. We came up with the idea of TENTUPLAY as we found out that there was still no service adopting behavioral economic approaches in the video game industry. We combined game data analytics with behavioral economic theories to draw genuine insights into how players think and behave.

  • What makes TENTUPLAY different from other solutions?

    Causes of player churn and purchases
    TENTUPLAY Analytics reveals the CAUSES of player behaviors, which will massively help you come up with ideas on how to improve your game. On Dashboard, you can get insights into where and why each persona leaves the game, make purchases, and watch ads.

    New Segmentation & Real Personalization
    TENTUPLAY segments players by their playing styles, not by demographics or IAPs. It analyzes player logs to understand player’s behaviors and motivations and divides players into 28 personas accordingly. This approach enables a deeper understanding of players and genuine personalization in CRM. TENTUPLAY finds out what each player really wants, and provides them with it through personalized strategies and item offers.

    Automated Messaging System
    It takes very little work to use TENTUPLAY as the entire process is highly automated. All the metrics for 28 personas are predefined, and the in-game messages with personalized strategies and item offers are automatically created and sent to each persona.

  • What kind of help does TENTUPLAY offer in game operations?

    TENTUPLAY Analytics reveals the causes of player churn and IAPs, which game studios can use to improve their game. You can get the analysis results of each persona’s retention, causes of churn, in-game purchases, and ad watching.

    TENTUPLAY CRM automatically composes and sends personalized messages with the information each player needs to have more fun and keep progressing in the game. TENTUPLAY CRM has brought drastic increases in the retention of our customers’ games.

  • What information and insights does TENTUPLAY Dashboard provide?

    TENTUPLAY Dashboard helps you understand multilaterally why your players drop out or make purchases. On Dashboard, you can see

      The analysis results of the whole player base’s retention, in-game purchases, ad watching, game balance, etc.,
      The analysis results of each Player Persona’s retention, causes of churn, in-game purchases, ad watching, etc. and
      Personas with highest churn, Personas with highest spending, recommended Personas to work on, etc.

  • What game genres can use TENTUPLAY?

    TENTUPLAY can be implemented in games of different genres as it has standardized a log data storage format. We’re currently applying for a patent on its data generalization technology.

  • Is there a minimum number of users needed to use TENTUPLAY?

    TENTUPLAY will produce meaningful analysis results if your game has more than 100 DAUs or 2,000 MAUs, TENTUPLAY.

  • How much time and effort does it take to use TENTUPLAY?

    TENTUPLAY is designed to minimize the amount of work required of game developers. Install TENTUPLAY SDK in your game and our AI will take care of the rest. It only takes one developer 6 hours to install the SDK on average. Additional SDK installation support can be provided on request.

  • Do I have to set metrics for each persona?

    No. you don’t have to set them yourself as they are predefined by TENTUPLAY. Just install the SDK and, after one week, see what personas your players are made up of on Dashboard.

  • What if a player changes their behaviors and needs to get assigned a new persona?

    Every player is reanalyzed and reassigned their persona every day to reflect any recent changes in their behaviors and motivations.

  • How can I know what to put in the in-game messages for each player?

    You don’t have to decide what to put in the messages yourself since AI will do it all for you. What you have to do is just customize the message template to fit your game’s UI.

  • Is there any free trial?

    Yes. TENTUPLAY offers a one-month free trial for everyone. Sign up and create your own project to get started. Try a free trial now.

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