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Enhance players' gaming experience with AI by gaining deeper insights into the game and the players.

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Maximize Player Engagement and Revenue with Data-Driven Strategies
Customize metrics, visualize data, and deliver personalized experiences to boost revenue. Connect with customers effectively through in-app messages and customized in-game elements to maximize engagement and lifetime value.
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Make the most of your data throughout all stages of game development
Achieve the right balance between characters and economies to effectively reach the target audience. Retain players through tutorial guides without requiring additional development resources.
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Let AI take care of the data work for you
Delegate the mundane task of data work to TentuPlay AI, freeing up your time to focus on unleashing your unique talents and creativity.
  • Tentuplay is a must-have tool if your game’s business model is based on in-app purchases, as TentuPlay In-game Shop segments players and sends the right messages automatically. Plus, it’s beginners-friendly through documentation and tutorial.
    Jiho Choi CEO / Big Stack
  • TentuPlay enabled us to understand players’ different needs through data analysis. It categorized players by playing styles and gave us valid ideas to improve our game.
    Jung-Hyeok Shin CEO / Playhard
  • With over 25 years of experience in game publishing, I've faced frustrating situations where the development team and I had different priorities. While the development team focused on creating new content to provide fun for users, my priority was ensuring users remained in the community and continued playing.
    I was completely hooked since Sentience's TentuPlay provided a solution to this exactly.
    Jungwon Hahn Former Regional Managing Director / Blizzard Entertainment

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