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Character Walkthrough Follower


The goal is to improve conversions of players who follow walkthroughs from the start, by showing them the items the best players have purchased.

Description Players who swiftly follow the best players' strategies to level up character skills.
User Expectation Walkthrough to enhance character skills
Genres RPG

Required APIs

Join LoginApp PlayStage GetCurrency UseCurrency LevelUpCharacter InAppPurchase LevelUpSkill

Analysis Results

  • Persona: Players with a deep understanding of the game who swiftly follow walkthroughs to enhance their character skills

    • The list of the players who have a deep understanding of the game and follow walkthrough to level up their skills.
  • Character and Skill Recommendations

    • TENTUPLAY presents this persona group with characters and skills the best players have upgraded the most.
  • Product Recommendation
    • TENTUPLAY offers in-game products that will help characters level up faster, to encourage more purchases among the persona group.

Returned Data

TENTUPLAY provides the persona group with information on what characters and skills to enhance, which can lead to higher retention and revenues.
It also shows them the most popular items among other players with similar characteristics. For 'name', 'asset_name' and 'price' in 'recommendations', extra files are needed.

namespace TentuPlay
    public class TPAdviceRawDataFromDB
        public int advice_id { get; set; }
        public string valid_until { get; set; }
        public string model_name { get; set; }
        public string display_parameters { get; set; }
                 * Example of "display_parameters"
                 * display_parameters = {
                        "player_name": "QTPie",
        public string recommendations { get; set; }
                 * Example of "recommendations"
                 * recommendations = {
                    "contents": {
                        "character": {
                            "id": "lukan",
                            "name": "Lukan",
                            "asset_name": "character_00"
                        "skill": {
                            "id": "concentrated_blast",
                            "name": "Concentrated Blast",
                            "asset_name": "skill_00",
                    "offers": [
                            "id": "bronze_package",
                            "name": "Bronze Package"
                            "asset_name": "purchasable_00",
                            "price": 3.99,
                            "currency_code": "USD"
                            "id": "silver_package",
                            "name": "Silvere Package"
                            "asset_name": "purchasable_01",
                            "price": 5.99,
                            "currency_code": "USD"
                            "id": "gold_package",
                            "name": "Gold Package"
                            "asset_name": "purchasable_02",
                            "price": 9.99,
                            "currency_code": "USD"
        public int closed_count { get; set; }