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Experience Personalized Offers with our Demo Game.

A demo game titled ShinGoongDemo is included in the TENTUPLAY SDK.
Before sending personalized offers on actual projects, you can practice by sending personalized offers within the demo game.

※ Important Notes

In order to send personalized offers within the demo game project creation, project key issuing, SDK download and key connection must all be done first.
To learn more about this process, please check out the information in the two links below.

Tutorial Guide

1. Collecting Data

First, data must be collected by playing ShinGoongDemo included within the TENTUPLAY demo.
ShinGoongDemo can be started by double clicking StartScene within the Assets/ShinGoongDemo/Scenes folder.
You can learn more about ShinGoongDemo at the link below.

How to Play and Debug ShinGoongDemo

Within 24 hours of playing the demo game, you can view analysis data on the TENTUPLAY Console.

Personalized offer testing can be performed after the analysis results are uploaded to the console.

2. Creating Personalized Offers in the Console

Navigate to Personalized Offers > PO Management in the TENTUPLAY console, and click the Create Offer button.

In the tab located near the top, choose between Immediate Offer or Campaign Offer.

Enter the information required to create an offer. You must enter the two fields of information in the specified manner to check offers without errors.

  • Style > Add Language > Content > Language: en.

  • Target > Target User: Select User ID and enter TentuPlayer.

To learn more, please refer to the link below

Learn More About Personalized Offer Styles, Targets, and Scheduling

3. Viewing Offer in the Demo Game

After creating an offer in the TENTUPLAY console, you can view the created offer in Unity.
As the method of checking the created offer differs between Immediate Offers and Campaign offers, please refer to the following information.

  • Immediate Offer:
    1) After sending an offer, start ShinGoongDemo and play the game.
    2) Once you reach a game over state, check the offer mailbox in the upper right.

  • Campaign Offer:
    1) After creating a campaign offer, start ShinGoongDemo and play the game.
    - To check the offer, you must hit the triggers listed when creating the campaign.The campaign must be active.
    2) Play ShinGoongDemo the next day and check the offer mailbox when you hit a game over state.
    - Offers are sent at 9AM the day after a campaign trigger is hit by a user

[A sent offer in the offer mailbox]

[The offer menu that opens when the offer is clicked]

After creating an offer, you can check the performance of an offer at Personalized Offers > PO Management in TENTUPLAY’s console.
To learn more, please refer to the link below.

Learn More About Performance Indicators

Demo Game Explained

※ The demo game requires 2019LTS or later versions of Unity.

Open the Unity project that TENTUPLAY SDK is installed in
Navigate to the Assets/ShinGoongDemo/Scenes folder and double click StartScene to start the game.

[ShinGoongDemo Opening Scene (StartScene) ]

You can check the controls by pressing the esc key. Now you can play the game
Shoot your bow and arrows, enter the stage and hunt mobs, and purchase equipment from the store and collect a variety of game data.

The rules of the game are as follows.

  • You must kill all the monsters in Stage 1 to clear Stage 1
  • If the player is within the enemy’s line of sight, they will be attacked and the stage will end
  • If the player is electrocuted, the stage will end.
  • The numbers of arrows are limited, and arrows can be recollected after being shot.
  • Arrows cannot penetrate through walls or the ground and disappear if they are shot into electricity.

If you've checked the Auto Upload option in Unity Editor Menu > TentuPlay > Edit Settings, you can view data in real time at Project Settings > SDK Status at the TENTUPLAY console.

Learn more about edit settings in TENTUPLAY

The data collected during playing ShinGoongDemo is recorded as data of User ID: TentuPlayer.

[Checking ShinGoongDemo play data in real time ]