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Use AI In-Game Shop SDK


The data required for persona analysis must be collected. If you are curious about user numbers per persona, please check 'Segment Management'.


  1. TPAdviceController in the Canvas is a controller to show advice dynamically.
    TPAdviceController.prefab is under Assets/TentuPlay/TPAdviceTemplates.

  2. TentuPlayCRMPlayerController is a component of the Player.

  3. Value for the field tpAdviceController of TentuPlayCRMDemoController is TPAdviceController of the Canvas.

  4. TentuPlay loads Advices corresponding to the player_uuid and shows them dynamically.

In the demo game, player 'TentuPlayer' can click the mailbox while playing the game and open the sample in-game guide. Find more detailed explanation and example in the TentuPlayCRMPlayerController.cs.

Advice UI

  • Advice UI prefab and script for Non-Paying User with High Expectations persona is under:
    • Assets/TentuPlay/TPAdviceTemplates/Resources/TPAdviceWindowUINonpaying_Players.prefab
    • Assets/TentuPlay/TPAdviceTemplates/TPAdviceWindowUINonpayingPlayersController.cs
  • Advice UI prefab and script for Smart and Busy persona is under:
    • Assets/TentuPlay/TPAdviceTemplates/Resources/TPAdviceWindowUISmart_And_Busy.prefab
    • Assets/TentuPlay/TPAdviceTemplates/TPAdviceWindowUISmartAndBusyController.cs


  • Root GameObject: U Dialog and TPAdviceWindowUI{SomePersona}Controller are the components.

  • Close button: - Root GameObject: U Dialog and TPAdviceWindowUI{SomePersona}Controller are the components.

  • Button for item or in-app purchases:
    • TPAdviceWindowUI{SomePersona}Controller.GoToAdviceEvent is included in the On Click Event.
    • Item Id Viewer and Go To Shop Example logs item id in the Unity Console when the button is clicked. They are a sample function.

  • Contents of Advice: Modify the contexts of PlaceAdvice in TPAdviceWindowUI{SomePersona}Controller.cs.

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