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Promotion performance

You can check an offer’s performance at the TENTUPLAY console at the Personalized Offers > PO Management page. Set a date range in the upper right and check the results of a personalized offer during the period.

  • Sends : Number of offers sent
  • Impressions : Number of offers received by user devices
  • Opens : Numbers of offers that were opened by users who received said offers
  • Opens (%) : (Opens / Impressions ) * 100
  • Conversions : Number of times an offer meets the goals set while creating the promotion
  • Conversion Rates : (Conversions / Impressions ) * 100

You can check when the send time of an Immediate Send personalized offer immediately after sending.
The performance indicators beyond the send time are updated within 24 hours of sending.

The performance indicators of a campaign send are updated within 24 hours of the start date.

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