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Regretful Off-Track Player


The goal is to improve retention and revenue of players who have leveled up fast but are regretting that they failed to use important items efficiently in the early stages, by offering them opportunities to recover through item purchases.

Description Players who are regretting that they have not used important items in the most efficient way.
User Expectation Products offering them chances to make up for the wrong choices they made in the beginning
Genres All

Required APIs

Join LoginApp PlayStage GetCurrency UseCurrency LevelUpCharacter InAppPurchase UseConsumable

Analysis Results

  • Persona: Regretful Off-Track Player
    • The list of the players who did not use the most efficient way but leveled up fast in the early stage of the game.
  • Where to Spend
    • TENTUPLAY identifies where the best players use their items.
  • Chance to Make Up
    • TENTUPLAY presents this persona information on where the best players spend items, and strategies and items they can use to make up for their wrong choices.

Returned Data

TENTUPLAY provides information on where this persona group has spent items in the early stage of the game and how fast they have leveled up.
TENTUPLAY presents the players with information on weapons, items and characters the best players choose and how to acquire them.

In the example below, the player has not taken the most efficient way to spend items but still managed to be in the Top 20% of the players with the fastest growth.
Further, TENTUPLAY suggests the characters the most efficient players choose and strategies to acquire those characters.
For 'name', 'asset_name' and 'price' in 'recommendations', extra files are needed.