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An entity is a unit of information to use TENTUPLAY. The entities used when collecting data, using personalized offers, and analyzing data are below:


Basic Action

Join Subscription of new player
Login Player login, character login
Purchase Any purchases made in the game

Content Entities

Bonus Any additional rewards that players can get every specific time or for n times per day
Quest Systems that players obtain rewards when achieving some missions or quests
Stage The game stage or the minimum unit of gameplay played by a player/character
Ad In-game advertisement

Object Entities

Character Characters, heroes in the game
If there is no character in the game or want to refer to the player, not a character, set character_uuid to `TentuPlayKeyword._DUMMY_CHARACTER_ID_`.
Currency Soft currencies are gold and coins that can be obtained through gameplay. Hard currencies are cash and gems that are hard to get through gameplay and often obtained through purchase.
Equipment Equipment is an item that has its own abilities, levels, grades, and can be enhanced. Examples of equipment can be weapons and armor.
Consumable Consumable is an item like a potion, bandage that has designated effects with one-time usage.
Cosmetic Items that can be used for appearance change but have nothing to do with ability, such as skin and clothing
Token Items that can only be used for specific purposes, such as admission tickets, event tickets, etc. It can also be used as currency in certain times or content.
Material Materiality items that are used for equipment upgrades and character ranking up, etc.
Infrastructure Items that improve the overall capability of gameplay, including environment, buildings, and skills
Pet Animal character that belongs to the player/character in the game, whose ability is reflected in the player/character
Randombox Probability item with no fixed reward. All types of boxes, including boxes with 0% probability, are called random boxes.

Ability Entities

Skill Ability or strength that can be used by a character or player, which can be enhanced, equipped, and detached from the player.
Stat Ability of a character or player quantified and classified as HP, MP, attack, etc
Level Level indicates the proficiency of the character or player
CustomAbility In-game custom elements such as ranks or grades other than levels