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Create Personalized Offers

Send Users Products They Need, When They Need Them

You can create and send offers in the following two ways in the TENTUPLAY console

  • Personalized Offers > PU Management > VIP Management/NPU Management: Select users and click the Send Offer button .
  • Personalized Offers > PO Management: Click the Create Offer button

※ Important Notes

- Before utilizing the console, check the SDK. If methods from the SDK are not inserted, personalized offers will not be sent.

Creating Offers

From the tab in the upper part of the screen, choose between Immediate Offers or Campaign Offers.

  • Immediate Offer: For cases where you wish to create and immediately send an offer to selected users
  • Campaign Offers: For cases where you wish to set a date range and send offers to users to hit adjustable triggers within that time period


  • Offer Name: Set the offer name. This is merely for future reference, and will not be shown to users.
  • Layout: Set the layout for the offer to be sent

  • Content: When the Add Language button is clicked you can set the message title, image, and link by language. When the Add Language button is clicked a pop up to set the aforementioned information will appear.

    • Language Code: Set the language code such as en, ko as utilized by the SDK (Refer to the important notes below)
    • Message Title: The title of the message that users will see when an offer is sent
    • Image: Image URL. Accepts both web links and deep links
    • Action: Set the event that is connected to the message. Accepts both web links and deep links

Once you enter the message’s content and click the Save button, a SEND TO TESTER button will appear.
After setting a test device, you can send the offer and check it on the tester device.

Learn More About Sending to Testers

※ Important Notes

- In order for personalized offers to work, the language code set in the console and the language code within the script must be identical. - For example, if you’ve added “ko” and “en” as languages for an offer in the console - you must have `ShowOffer(language="ko"), ShowOffer(language="en")` within your script for personalized offers to appear. - Also, if an offer calls a language code which is not available in-game, an error will occur. - If an offer is sent with only the language code “ko”, if `SelectOfferInfo(language="en") or ShowOffer(language="en")` is utilized to call said offer, an error will occur.


  • Target Product, Price: These are only for reference, they do not affect the offer when sent.
  • Target User: Enter the user ID to send an offer to.
    • All: To send to all users.
    • User ID: If you checked users in the VIP management or NPU management page, then the user IDs will already be entered. If there is a user you wish to send an offer to, you can add them manually.
  • Delivery Point (Campaign): Set triggers for when and to which users a certain product will be promoted. For example, you can set specific triggers such as “When a level 3 or above player plays STAGE1_3 with a BattleAxe equipped”.
    • When a user meets the triggers set in the Delivery Point field, the user will receive the campaign offer at 9 AM the following day.
  • Validity Period:
    • Validity Period After Delivery: You can set the validity period of an offer after the offer is sent. For example, if the validity period is set at 48 hours and the offer is sent on January 1st, 9 AM, the offer can be viewed until January 3rd, 8:59 AM.
    • Validity Period After View: You can set the validity period of an offer after the offer is viewed by the user. For example, if the validity period is set at 48 hours and the offer is sent on January 1st, 9 AM, but the user opens the offer at Jan 1st, 3 PM< the offer can be viewed until Jan 3rd 2:59 PM.
In the case of immediate offers, you send after setting `Personalized Offer Target`.

After sending an immediate offer, you can view the performance at `Personalized Offers > PO Management`, and you can alter details from a previously sent offer and send it again.


You can set the start and end date of a campaign offer.
The offer will be sent once to users who play during the period, and the trigger will be the delivery point set while creating the offer.

  • For example, if a promotion is set to happen between January 1st 00:00:00 and January 12th 00:00:00, and a user hits the target conditions on January 3rd, they will receive the offer the next day at 9 AM, and will not be sent repeats of the offer after.

After creating a campaign, you can check the performance of a campaign at `Personalized Offers > PO Management`.

If you wish to end a campaign, you can click to Activate switch and turn it off
If you delete an active campaign, the campaign will be automatically ended. You can also create a new campaign by editing a pre existing campaign.

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