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Smart and Busy


Smart and Busy players use in-game currencies efficiently for extremely rapid growth. TENTUPLAY's goal is to improve retention and revenues by giving them strategies to earn currencies.

Description Players who play the game shorter but level up fast by balancing resources and spending them efficiently.
User Expectation The continued supply of currency for fast growth
Genres All

Required APIs

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Analysis Results

  • Persona: Smart and Busy
    • The list of the Smart and Busy players TENTUPLAY has identified, who level up fast by efficiently using in-game currencies in a short span of time.
  • Efficiency Score
    • This shows the score of each Smart and Busy player on how fast they level up in a limited time. If a player has spent currencies efficiently and leveled up fast, they receive a high score. If a player has leveled up slowly or used inefficient strategies to level up, they receive a low score.
  • Efficiency Grade (Percentile)
    • The relative index on how faster than others the player levels up and how more efficiently the player spends the resources compared to others.
  • Analysis Period
    • The time it takes to analyze Efficiency Score, Efficiency Grade, Acquired Currency, Level Up Status, etc.
  • Acquired Currency
    • The total amount of acquired currency. This index lets users review their objective accomplishments.
  • Level Up Status
    • This shows how many level ups the player has achieved in the given Analysis Timespan. This index lets players review their objective accomplishments.

Returned Data

The persona's Analysis Timespan, Acquired Currency, Level Up Status, Efficiency Score, and Efficiency Grade(Percentile) are returned. In the example below, the player's Efficiency Score is 32,512 and the player is in the Top 5%. During the seven days of analysis, the player earned 2,487A of currency/gold and leveled up 14 times. For 'name', 'asset_name' and 'price' in 'recommendations', extra files are needed.

namespace TentuPlay
    public class TPAdviceRawDataFromDB
        public int advice_id { get; set; }
        public string valid_until { get; set; }
        public string model_name { get; set; }
        public string display_parameters { get; set; }
                 * Example of "display_parameters"
                 * display_parameters = {
                    "player_name": "QTPie", //Player's name
                    "segment_range": 7, //Analysis Timespan
                    "segment_score": 32625, //Efficiency Score
                    "segment_percentage": 5, //Efficiency Grade
                    "currency_earned": "2,487A", //Acquired Currency/Gold
                    "level_delta": 14, //Level Up Status
                    "level_before": 14, //The lowest level during the timespan
                    "level_after": 28 //The highest level during the timespan
        public string recommendations { get; set; }
                 * Example of "recommendations"
                 * recommendations = {
                    "contents": [
                            "id": "water_dungeon", 
                            "name": "Dungeon of Water", 
                            "asset_name": "dungeonImage@2x"
                    ], //Recommended content
                    "offers": [
                            "id": "gold_box", 
                            "name": "3,000A box", 
                            "asset_name": "goldImage@2x", 
                            "price": 55000, 
                            "currency_code": "KRW"
                    ] //Recommended item
        public int closed_count { get; set; }