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Underdog Lover


The goal is to tell players concentrating on inferior characters how to enhance these inferior characters or acquire better characters to play and thereby increase their retention and revenues.

Description Players who concentrate on inferior characters.
User Expectation Knowledge of how to enhance their inferior characters or what characters to raise instead.
Genres RPG

Required APIs

Join LoginApp PlayStage LevelUpCharacter GetCurrency UseCurrency

Analysis Results

  • Persona: Players concentrating on inferior characters
    • The list of players who are raising inferior characters.
  • Strategies
    • TENTUPLAY recommends strategies to enhance the inferior characters the player is concentrating on.
  • Character Recommendation
    • TENTUPLAY also presents the player with suggestions on stronger characters to play.

Returned Data

TENTUPLAY gives strategies on how to enhance inferior characters the player is currently concentrating on, and also suggests stronger characters the player can purchase. In the example below, the message shows more competent characters to switch to and how to strengthen the current character.
For 'name', 'asset_name' and 'price' in 'recommendations', extra files are needed.

namespace TentuPlay
    public class TPAdviceRawDataFromDB
        public int advice_id { get; set; }
        public string valid_until { get; set; }
        public string model_name { get; set; }
        public string display_parameters { get; set; }
                 * Example of "display_parameters"
                 * display_parameters = {
                        "player_name": "QTPie",
                            "id": "foot_soldier",
                            "name":"Foot Soldier",
                            "asset_name": "character_00",
                            "level": 25,
        public string recommendations { get; set; }
                 * Example of "recommendations"
                 * recommendations = {
                    "contents": [
                            "id": "heavy_juggernaut",
                            "name": "Heavy Juggernaut",
                            "asset_name": "character_01"
                    "offers": [
                            "id": "heavy_shotgun",
                            "name": "Heavy Shotgun",
                            "asset_name": "purchasable_00",
                            "price": 6.99,
                            "currency_code": "USD"
                            "id": "heavy_shotgun_package",
                            "name": "Heavy Shotgun Package",
                            "asset_name": "purchasable_01",
                            "price": 9.99,
                            "currency_code": "USD"
        public int closed_count { get; set; }