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Non-Paying User with High Expectations


The goal is to tell the users who are unwilling to pay how to enjoy more free in-game content, and consequently increase their retention and ad revenues.

Description Players who are unwilling to pay in the game but have high expectations of free to play content
User Expectation To have fun playing as much free-to-play content as possible
Genres All

Required APIs

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Analysis Results

  • Persona: Non-Paying User with High Expectations
    • The list of the Non-Paying Users with High Expectations who have noticed the pay to win aspect of the game and are about to leave the game.
  • Hurdle Stages
    • This is the last stage the users have failed.
  • Successful Strategies
    • This shows the successful strategies other players have used to clear the hurdle stages, including weapons, items, characters, etc.

Returned Data

TENTUPLAY identifies the stages the persona group (Non-Paying Users with High Expectation) is having difficulty with, suggests strategies to clear them, and points out rewarded ads that will get the users the items they need. In the following example, the user is having trouble clearing Stage 3, which other users have completed using the Blade of Infinite Thirst, Unstably Frozen Orb, and Talisman of the Windcaller. The message offers an ad that gives 10 Crystals as rewards, with which they can buy the Blade of Infinite Thirst. For 'name', 'asset_name' and 'price' in 'recommendations', extra files are needed.

namespace TentuPlay
    public class TPAdviceRawDataFromDB
        public int advice_id { get; set; }
        public string valid_until { get; set; }
        public string model_name { get; set; }
        public string display_parameters { get; set; }
                 * Example of "display_parameters"
                 * display_parameters = {
                    "player_name": "QTPie", // Player's name
                    "stage_name": "Stage 3", // Stage the user is having trouble clearing
                    "items": [   // Items used to clear stage_name
                            "id": "WEAPON_01",
                            "tag": "Legendary Weapon", // Category for an item
                            "name": "Blade of Infinite Thirst", 
                            "asset_name": "primaryItem", // Asset name
                            "fidelity": 97, // usage rate
                            "display_order": 1, // ranking
                            "id": "RING_01",
                            "tag": "Epic Ring",
                            "name": "Unstably Frozen Orb", 
                            "asset_name": "secondaryItem",
                            "fidelity": 56, 
                            "display_order": 2,
                            "id": "EQUIPMENT_01",
                            "tag": "Rare Amulet",
                            "name": "Talisman of the Windcaller", 
                            "asset_name": "tertiaryItem",
                            "fidelity": 32, 
                            "display_order": 3,
        public string recommendations { get; set; }
                 * Example of "recommendations"
                 * recommendations = {
                    "contents": [ 
                            "id": "weapon_01", // Item ID
                            "name": "Blade of Infinite Thirst", // Item name
                            "asset_name": "primaryItem", // Asset name
                    "offers": [ // offer rewarded ads
                            "id": "SPECIAL_AD_01", // Ad ID
                            "name": "10 Gems", // Reward
                            "asset_name": "ingameCashIcon", // Asset name
        public int closed_count { get; set; }