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Player Personas

Game players have different preferences and approaches to their gaming.

Gamers have different expectations and different playing styles, or we might say they have different "Player Personas.” Game studios can manage customer relationships more efficiently by understanding what each persona wants and giving them what they need.

Player Personas

Smart and Busy

  • Players who level up extremely fast by spending resources efficiently
  • Offer in detailed context items to boost efficiency and speed of growth, which they value the most.

Non-Paying User with High Expectations

  • Players who are unwilling to pay anything but have high expectations of free content
  • Offer rewarding ads that will help them get as much free content as possible without making IAPs, which will boost retention and ad revenue.

Character Collector

  • Players who love collecting characters of great diversity.
  • Offer them tips and items to help them acquire more new characters in detailed context, which will make them play longer and spend more.

Cosmetic Lover

  • Players who concentrate on customizing gaming visuals.
  • Offer them fashion items and related characters in detailed context to increase their retention and revenue.

Regretful Off-Track Player

  • Players regretting their inefficient use of resources in early game
  • Offer them strategies and in-game products to make up for their initial loss to minimize frustration, improve retention and boost revenue

PvP from the Beginning

  • Players who heavily play PvP from the very beginning but keep losing
  • Offer them strategies and products of high rankers to increase their winning odds and reduce frustration, which will increase retention and revenue.

Character Walkthrough Follower

  • Players who use guides to optimize the use of resources and level up their characters fast.
  • Offer them the best players' strategies and items to increase their conversion rate and revenue.

Underdog Lover

  • Players who focus on enhancing relatively incompetent characters
  • Offer tips to make their favorite character stronger, new strong characters to play, and related products to increase their winning odds and reduce frustration, which will increase retention and revenue.

Player in Comfort Zone

  • Players who always play the same characters and the same decks
  • Offer alternative strategies to increase their winning odds and thereby improve their retention.


  • Players who are highly likely to make in-game purchases.
  • Offer them popular items among whales and other paying users to boost their conversion rate and revenue.