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Use Personalized Offer SDK (deprecated)


Personalized offers requires TentuPlay SDK v2021.1 or higher.

Implementing with Unity

  1. Place the game object TPPersonalizedOfferController under the Canvas. This game object works as a controller for dynamically displaying the offer. This prefab is placed at Assets/TentuPlay/TPPersonalizedOfferTemplates/TPPersonalizedOfferController.prefab.

  2. Game object TPPersonalizedOfferController under the Canvas is passed down as a value for parameter tpPersonalizedOfferControllerGameObject of the ShowOffer method, which shows the offer.

  3. When ShowOffer is called, TPPersonalizedOfferController loads Offer corresponding to the player_uuid and displays it dynamically.

In the demo game, player 'TentuPlayer' can click the mailbox while playing the game and open the sample in-game offer. Find more detailed explanation and example in the TentuPlayCRMPlayerController.cs.

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